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In addition to the rock garden dividing the upper and lower terraces, the planted gardens range from a hedged formal French rose parterre to traditional perimeter English gardens.

The rose garden is arranged around a geometric design and divided by raised beds separated by stone walkways. The central triangular bed is planted exclusively with hardy Queen Elizabeth roses.  The other beds are planted in grass and bordered by boxwood topiary. A long planting area at the foot of the rear stone wall affords the opportunity for additional specimens. The entire garden is enclosed by a laurel hedge.

The adjacent generous sloped lawn with its extraordinary views is bordered by a variety of specimens to include rhododendron, hydrangea, camellia, flowering cherry, lilac, and forsythia. Liberal planting of tulips, hyacinths and daffodils along with carpets of primrose provide a riot of spring color.  A mature apple tree, as well as other deciduous trees, offer seasonal color in addition to shade along the northern perimeter. The gardens become progressively rustic as a path bordered by lavender, heather and topiary salix descends through the parklands towards the river.

The gardens extend over an area of about 3,000 m2 (3/4 acre).