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Beyond the bordered path lie two less structured gardens with wildflower areas beyond.  A dramatically sloping bank is covered in a variety of heathers, and a more protected area is planted in fern, hibiscus, buddleja, forsythia, lavender, wild orchid and wild primrose. These gardens terminate at a trio of large conifers which have been pruned from below to create a magical cathedral-like canopy under which one can dine by candlelight and be invisible to the rest of the world.  Adjacent to the path and tucked under a tree is a whimsical bespoke garden building designed to be in keeping with the regional architecture.  It is large enough to house a battalion of bicycles and mowing and maintenance equipment, yet small enough to not disrupt the landscape.

Beyond this point the land cascades down a grassy knoll to a romantic natural bank along the Auverzere River. Mature rhododendron arch over the path along the way, and in spring and early summer the slope is covered with a profusion of wildflowers. Due to the nature of the terrain, the plantings, and the protection they afford, this portion of land feels quite removed from the rest the property. Consequently, when staring into the campfire, with only the sound of the river beside and a night bird overhead, it is tempting, if not impossible, to imagine that Richard the Lionheart and his men had passed a night on this very same magical bend.